Our Team

Scott Harwood
School of Hard Knocks

President, Creative Director, Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation

Howdy! I get a charge helping clients use digital media to maximize their marketing objectives.

Scott is Amplify's  President and Creative Director. 

He's skilled at taking tough marketing problems and transforming them into engaging digital media solutions. He started Amplify in 2015 to bring his git 'er done, rock n' roll attitude to the Saskatchewan marketing sector. Yes, he can be a bit on the louder side.

Scott started in the ad business by helping SaskTel introduce commercial internet to Saskatchewan. With dozens of web engagements under his belt since, Scott's become a respected marketer and senior strategist called on strategic web projects large and small.

Marketing, Brand, Creative, Advertising, Media, Communications, Social, Video and Audio Production, Yada, yada, yada. Over the past 25 years, he's done it all.

Dirty secret - Scott loves squeezing delicious musical delights out of dusty, vintage electronic circuits. Think machines like Minis, 2600s, Prophets and Jupiters. He's been riding the synth wave since 1982.